The Braidy Tester

I help your team reach their full potential

I Solve the Hard Problems for which you have no solutions and that keep you from quality. I approach every problem by talking with people, gathering their ideas, discussing these ideas with myself, Synthesizing them into solutions inspired by the best parts of each idea, bringing my synthesis back to the group, and repeating this process until we develop solutions which are satisfactory. Through this Cycle of Conversation I often go beyond satisfactory and discover solutions which are Innovative and Unconventional. I understand that problems are often as much about People as about Technology, and I help you identify a range of possible solutions and find one which best Balances your requirements and constraints. At all times I work through obstacles and roadblocks with Quiet Persistence and an intent to help you determine your Best Option.

I experiment, explore, and experience as I pursue my Hunger For Knowledge and my Passion For Excellence. Over many years of this I have developed Technical Depth and a Cross Discipline, Cross Industry, and International Network. I infuse my expertise into your team and plug you into my network by working with and Mentoring them individually, in small groups, and as a whole.